All prices are in Euro, VAT included. In our site you can add products in the shopping cart and have an estimation of the shipping cost. For the exact shipment cost you have to give your address.

How to buy
You can order in one of the following ways:
Via ASTIR Grows E-shop
Via phone
Via email
In the store

You can pay in one of the following ways:
With cash in the store
With e-banking money transfer to Eurobank or National Bank of Greece
With money deposit to Eurobank or National Bank of Greece
With debit or credit card in the store or at the e-shop. The payment is made via the eurobank safe system
With Paypal
With COD (Cash on delivery). For orders up to 250€ there is an extra charge of 2.5€

Orders can be shipped-received in one of the following ways:
By ELTA Courier Door to Door service (1 day for mainland, 2 days for islands)
By bus (KTEL) every Wednesday (prior phone contact is required)
In the store

Delivery cost
Delivery cost includes packaging and delivery charges. The delivery cost depends on the weight of the object as well as on its volume in case of light objects with big dimensions. Since delivery costs are appilcable to every delivery order, you are advised to order all the items you wish to receive collectively so as to avoid repetitive charges for multiple packages. Shipping cost is automatically calculated and you can see it in the shopping cart. In case of shipment by bus (KTEL) the cost is not known, so prior phone communication is required.

General Information
Orders are usually delivered within 2 days. Friday orders after 3pm are sent on Monday. In case a product is not available or the delivery is for some reason delayed, we will contact you to inform you about the delivery date as soon as possible. No shipping is made without payment in advance with the exception of special arrangement and agreement. We pack and send the products in the best possible way so that you receive them in a perfect condition. Possible damage or desrtuction of the product due to the shippment company is not our responsibility. When receiving the product check it and in case of an obvious problem deny accepting it and communicate with us.
Deliveries that are not accepted are returned to us. That happens when the packet reaches its destination but is not accepted by anyone within a certain period of time. In such a case if re-shipping is asked, customer will be charged with the new shipping cost.

Deliveries Abroad
We are not responsible for extra charges or custom fees you may have to pay in your country nor for delays in the customs. Delays usally take place during winter holidays (December 20th - January 7th) as well as in August.
It takes 7-15 days for small packages to be delivered within Europe, 10-15 days to the USA and 8-30 days to Asia and Oceania. These delivery times are indicative and can change due to unpredictable conditions. Big packets take a bit longer to be delivered.
In case you don't receive your order within the normal time period, please contact us. Make sure you give us a valid email address as well as a phone number in case we need to communicate with you.

Big orders - Wholesale
For big orders or wholesale orders or for other inquirires please contact us.