Our team
Some romantics, some crazy scientists, some computer freaks, some musicians, some parents, some singles.
The ASTIR team consists of people who came together because of their passion for nature and developed tools suitable for cultivations under controlled environment conditions. We love to cultivate our plants as well as our minds. We are not a big company and being one is not what interests us the most. We prefer to call ourselves a collective. A bunch of people who dared trust each other, became friends, helped each other to cope with our problems, found solutions and we are all trying to do something about our passion, nature.
We try to offer you all the necessary equipment foe a successfull cultivation, experimenting with new ideas based on what nature  has taught us in compination with scientific knowledge and using tools provided by the 21st century technology.
We share our knowledge with you and at the same time are taught by you. That's why we consider your opinion about our products and services very significant.
We are like you, the next door neighboour. We are you. You are ASTIR

Our philosophy
We do our best to supply you with specialized products and solutions for your indoor - outdoor cultivations. From a small corner with fresh herbs on your kitchen to a big hydroponic wheatgrass system.
We offer you products of well know companies in the lowest market prices while at the same time we try to develop and construct our own products based on your desires as well as on knowledge. Our main care is the products you buy to be effective, well functioning and worth their money.

Our offer
Apart from our store and e-shop where you cand find products of best know companies as well as fertilizers, we are the one and only manufacturer of LED grow lightning for indoor cultivations in Greece. We do our best to keep improving our products; we keep searching for better materials and more effective tools, especially in what relates to LED lights where the serch for the perfect lights with minor electricity consumption never stops. We try to develop and offer in optimum prices products that until now were considered overpriced for what they provide. Big companies with similar products promise the best products at the lowest prices, but is it you that will find out what is worth and what is not.

Our vision
We started in 2013 to make an experiment. We designed a hand made LED panel suitable for indoor cultivations and started selling it. Customers reached very positively towards our LED panel, they bought it, tested it and gave us the necessary feedback to create a second bigger LED panel. At the same time we started offering everything someone needs for a correct cultivation. We will keep researching and trying to develop the best products for you.
We soon plan to come closer to you in other parts of Greece and design the perfect environment for your plants together according to your needs.
That's why your opinion is so important to us, because together we can.

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