Why to use LEDs

American comedian Dough Stanhope was very right to point out in one of his routines that a good product needs no advertise. In this spirit, instead of throwing at you scientific data about wavelengths, technology in the area, led efficiency, and other various data and rambling that even us in the communication department can barely understand, we will try to construct a logical coherent argument on why someone should use LEDs instead of other traditional indoor lights.

LEDs work!

Little needs to be said about something on which everyone agrees. We are on a point in history where indoor growers worldwide understand that LED is the way forward. Numerous grows from various people all over the planet have proven that LEDs are as efficient production-wise as a traditional HID lamp by consuming less than half the electricity. Then again you already know that, that's why you're browsing this site.

DIY or ready made?

A big question here, not only for LEDs but for every product. The answer can only begin with another question: Can you build them? If yes, then by all means, do go ahead, it's an amazing experience and there's a lot of things you will learn by doing it. In fact, this is how we started, by building tools for us. However there are lots of people that either might not have the technical skills to build something like this, or they might not have the time to undertake such a project and make it work. This is where ready-made lights come into play.

Why use ASTIR LEDs?

Well, because we make them! Seriously, in our site obviously we will support our product. Raw, unpolished, no frills grow lights, a handmade DIY panel that went commercial. We keep our panels small in order to have the maximum flexibility in our grows. We have passive cooling by using huge aluminum heatsinks that require just a well ventilated grow space to operate in. We try to keep our prices at their lowest by treating our products as tools for growers and not as something that we need to beautify by adding extra useless material in order to sell them.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your individual choise. Read around the web, there are various options, some might work for one, some might work for another. Educate yourself before making a choice, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us and we'll try to be as helpfull as we can.